Provide food for people who are hungry this Christmas.

Access to nutritious food on a regular basis isn’t the reality for hundreds of millions of people. When food is hard to find, instead of reaching their full potential, children’s growth is stunted and they are vulnerable to illness and disease. Hunger limits ability to learn, attend school, care for others, and work.

Through the 2023 NCM Christmas Project, you can stand with people who are hungry and support projects that provide food in emergencies and help farmers grow and sell better crops.

Through the Christmas Project, you’ll be funding projects in places like:

  • Ukraine
  • Malawi
  • Burundi
  • Armenia
  • Benin
  • Zambia
  • the Middle East
  • Sri Lanka
  • And more!






Mubire is a husband and father to three children from Rwanda, where he received training to improve his farming practices. The course he attended is designed to help farmers grow more food to feed their families and to sell at market. Prior to receiving this assistance, life for Mubire and his family was very challenging.

“I couldn’t find anything to do to help my children survive ... the children were always sick because they had nothing to eat,” he said.

One day, he had visitors from the local Nazarene church stop by for a home visit. He shared his concerns for his family and they invited Mubire to join the food security project course.

“They comforted me, showed me love, and put my name on a list to start training,” he said.

Mubire learned new ways to use fertilizer and shadowed other people who were successfully farming. As a result of these new skills, his children's nutrition has improved and he sells the extra harvest to pay for additional needs. He also has added some animals to their small farm.

“[These skills] helped me start solving problems I had at home," Mubire says. "I have chickens and a goat, I can pay my children’s school fees without a problem, and I started saving. I appreciate this project because it has helped transform my life for the better."

When you give, you tell people facing food insecurity that they are seen and loved by God.





These resources are provided for churches to promote the Christmas Project to their congregations. Images may be used in digital and print form.





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