2021 STORM

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Middle Tennessee Floods

September 14 | Updates from Camp Garner Creek

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September 6 | Photo montage from Waverly Church of the Nazarene

  • Watch this video featuring photos of the many volunteers working to clean up the church and community.

August 25 | Photos of damage at Waverly Church of the Nazarene

August 25 | News Release

Record-breaking rainfall sent floodwaters surging through low-lying areas of Middle Tennessee on 21 August. Waverly, Tennessee, was one of the hardest-hit areas, receiving 17 inches of rain in just 24 hours. The rainfall led to deadly flash flooding that took the lives of at least 22 people with 50 people still unaccounted for.

“We’ve been trying to clean up what we can,” said Daron Brown, lead pastor of Waverly Church of the Nazarene. “We’ve lost everything. At least 10 families in our church have lost their homes, and our community looks like a bomb hit it. But it’s times like this is when we see the worst and the best: the worst in terms of disaster and the best in terms of people and God’s presence and grace showing up in the middle of such horrendous tragedy.”

The church is located right next to Trace Creek. When Brown learned the creek was starting to rise again, he headed to the church along with other staff and church members to move items from the building to higher ground and set up a barrier. But the water rose quickly, endangering those in the building. Part of the team was able to leave, but Brown and five others ended up stuck in the church.

“We made the decision not to go get in our cars because the water was rising, climbing up the tires,” Brown said. “We stayed up in the sanctuary’s upper-level and looked out the front door, and we watched our cars float away.”

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Hurricane Ida

September 3 | News Release

Hurricane Ida made landfall in the United States on Sunday afternoon as a Category 4 storm. As of 2 September, roughly one million people in Louisiana and Mississippi are still without power, a status that could last for weeks and may cause more deaths. Some coastal neighborhoods south of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are still seriously flooded. After moving north, the storm also caused serious flooding in New York and New Jersey, which killed at least 40 people. 

At least six Churches of the Nazarene have been affected by the storm, although most of the initial reports do not indicate significant damage to church buildings. One church family in Louisiana lost everything they owned to flooding. 

Baton Rouge First Church of the Nazarene will act as a staging and operations center for Nazarene Disaster Response teams and supplies so they can respond to community members’ needs. Nazarene Disaster Response teams are groups of skilled volunteers positioned throughout the country to mobilize supplies or people in the wake of a disaster. 

Teams from the South Texas District have already mobilized supplies, including crisis care kits, generators, and pallets of essential items and tarping equipment. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries’ partners, including Heart to Heart and Convoy of Hope, are also organizing responses ranging from food distributions to the provision of a mobile medical unit.

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September 3 | Prayer Update

When Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana this past weekend, it left more than 1 million homes and businesses without power. So far, at least 13 people have died in the Gulf Coast due to Ida. A heat advisory is compounding the struggles facing those most impacted, as they survey the damage and wait for power and water to be restored. Then, after moving north, Ida caused extensive flooding in New York and New Jersey, and also impacted parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland. At least 46 people were killed in the northeast. While several Nazarene churches were affected, the damage was not extensive. Nazarene Disaster Response teams will mobilize to travel to the southern states, where Baton Rouge First Church of the Nazarene will operate as a staging area, to assist with cleanup.

We pray for every person impacted by this storm, and those that are mourning the loss of loved ones. We ask for swift aid to arrive for all in need. We thank you for the safety nets that are in place and pray that they would function swiftly and efficiently.