Anti-Human Trafficking

“My life before I was rescued? I like to fight.”

Every year, the celebration of Christmas brings hope to many people. Likewise, Shechem Children’s Home has been sharing and giving hope. 

Shechem, which is located in Manila, Philippines, provides Christ-centered, family-oriented care, protection, comprehensive assessment, and assists with finding long-term placements for children rescued from online sexual abuse and exploitation. This intensive care in the first months after the rescue helps lead to the children's healing, resiliency, well-being, and hope for their future.

The Shechem Children’s Home is a short-term assessment center for survivors of online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC). This is a form of human trafficking where images or videos of children performing sexual acts are sold over the internet. It is a growing problem globally and in the Philippines, where Shechem is located. Because the vast majority of perpetrators are direct relatives of the children, it can take time after rescue to locate safe, long-term housing options. Shechem steps into the gap and provides a safe place for healing to begin. 



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This fund supports anti-trafficking programs of compassion through Nazarene churches around the world.

The Engage Together® Church Teaching Series equips churches with the knowledge, resources, ideas, and strategies needed to move forward in their efforts to end human trafficking and to protect the vulnerable in their local community. From the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice.

A Statement on trafficking and slavery from the Wesleyan Holiness Connection.

An introduction to human trafficking and guide for churches looking to engage.