Creative Solutions Lead to Community Flourishing


In Yombo, Tanzania, the local church, in partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, has developed a creative idea to support local ministry—a car wash that is staffed by young people who are connected to the church and need income.

Car Wash in Tanzania

This project has strengthened, improved, and supported the local church’s ministry by funding the ministry of the child development center (CDC) as well as providing an income for young people working at the carwash. The local church developed the car wash site and has ensured its maintenance.

Within a year, the church was able to buy an additional car wash machine and vacuum cleaner. They are exploring ways to continue to grow, including opening a refreshment shop, establishing kitchen gardens, and securing more property next to the bus station to develop an additional car wash in the community. They consider their efforts to be a story of hope.

Even as the members hope and dream about the next steps for the church, they continue to work with NCM, conducting strength-building training with the community and other churches in the area, encouraging sustainable, compassionate ministry and holistic approaches to meeting the needs of children.

The car wash has empowered the center to continue to provide holistic care for 35 children who are at risk and vulnerable. Through this center, children are given the tools and resources to grow spiritually, and the project provides funds to purchase supplies to ensure children experience successful educational and social development. Finally, the center focuses on the children's physical well-being by providing opportunities to play sports, participate in a food program, and receive nutrition and hygiene education.

Nadia*, a parent of children who attend the center, has seen how her children’s lives have been impacted.

“Since this CDC started about two years ago, we are seeing our children’s behavior change for the better,” said Nadia. “When they return home, I notice they implement what they were taught at the CDC.”

Students have seen the social benefits of attending the center.

“My grades have improved since I started attending the [center] because I can get [together] with friends to discuss homework with them,” said Mila*, grade 7. “It improves my understanding when I finally do it myself. My friends from school would also want to start attending next year because I told them the power of friends.”

*Names changed for protection.