A Cup of Cold Water in His Name: Wells in Cambodia


In Cambodia, the Church of the Nazarene is addressing the lack of access to clean water by installing water wells in rural villages. Often, these wells serve as the only clean water points in the area, but their presence is changing more than just the physical health of the community.

Prior to installing the new well, people living near Alongveng Church of the Nazarene had one source of water that was neither clean nor safe to drink. Even when boiled, the water still made many people sick. Now, 15 families in this small village benefit from the new well and the church makes the water available free of charge to anyone in need. When people realize the church has provided the clean water source, they become more open to connecting with pastors and church members.  “It meets their tangible need for clean, safe drinking water,” says one volunteer. “But it also opens the door for their spiritual needs to be met as well.”

Cambodia well

The Nazarene church in Srah Reang—a village with little more than 500 people—was started 18 years ago. Prior to the installation of the church’s well, the people of this community relied on one small pond as the only available source of water. The pond only held enough water during the rainy season, offering no water to drink any other time of the year. Like most natural water points, the water from this pond was not clean or safe to drink, forcing families to purchase water for their needs. When money was too tight to purchase clean water, sickness in the area increased from people’s use of a pool and a canal. Since the installation of the new well, however, church members report what a blessing it has been. They have noticed the new water source has especially benefitted senior adults and people with disabilities. Like the Anlongveng church, the church in Srah Reang allows anyone in the village to use the well without cost, giving church members opportunities to share the love of Jesus with people in the community.

Cambodia church members and well

Kontuot village is home to 150 families and a new Nazarene church with about 25 members. For years, the closest water source—a small pond and canal one kilometer away—failed to offer the community safe drinking water. Due to the proximity of a new church well, families in the village now draw more than just drinking water. They collect water for bathing, cooking, and for watering their gardens and farms. The church in Kontuot believes this well belongs to God and members are doing all they can to protect and maintain the blessing that God has enabled them to offer the community.

Cambodia well

When you give to support WASH initiatives—projects focusing on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene—you are supporting efforts like these in Cambodia. Learn more here.


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