One Year of Compassionate Care in Ukraine: Photos



Today marks one year since conflict began in Ukraine.

We join with the Church around the world to pray for children and adults who are still living through danger, uncertainty, and ongoing trauma. We pray for the pastors, church members, missionaries, and volunteers who have served faithfully and continue to create spaces for healing and hope. We give thanks for those who have given funds and material donations to insure that people have what they need to survive. We pray for churches and ministries in border countries that have welcomed displaced people with open arms. We give praise for the work of partner organizations who have brought medical care, essential relief items, and trauma-informed training to Ukraine. 

Keep scrolling to see photos depicting relief distributions, church services, and cooperative efforts with partner organizations in Ukraine--all scenes from a year of sharing Christ's love and living His compassion in the midst of deep darkness. 

And continue to pray with us for peace. 

– photos by Genadiy Naumov

two teenagers lighting advent candles


people in line for food


woman and child in line for food


teacher and child at kids camp


woman helping people receive food donations


boxes of food


A medical team assesses a patient


church worshipping in Ukraine


Food distribution


clothing donations


Women choosing clothing


Woman reading to children


taking communion in a church


Church service with piles of donations ready to distribute behind congregation


Food packs ready to be distributed