Recovery in Nepal: Help and Hope After Floods


This summer’s rainy season in Nepal brought heavy rainfall, causing severe landslides in several districts. Villagers in the small town of Mehele were especially impacted from rains and slides at the beginning of July. More than 50 families were displaced from their homes and most crops were damaged or destroyed. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in Nepal distributed food relief packs to almost all the families impacted in the area. Contents included essentials like rice, lentils, oil, and salt. Other distributions included tarps for shelter and soap.

food distribution

Traveling to the impacted area was difficult. A team of NCM Nepal volunteers from three local churches used motorbikes to navigate the wet and slippery roads to reach the location, where they met a truck that brought items via another route. Damaged roads and bridges and loss of electricity increased travel time for the group.

“The roads were extremely challenging, with landslides visible everywhere,” said Sandeep, the local NCM coordinator. “We could see collapsed bridges and large metal debris along the riverbanks.”

When they arrived at a distribution point, Sandeep noted that the area was still at risk.

“The place was undeniably beautiful but also highly dangerous to inhabit. Geographically, it was highly susceptible to landslides. We could see that most of the houses were at great risk. If there was more rainfall, it would undoubtedly result in further devastation. We even witnessed a landslide just above the houses. It made me wonder how anyone could live there during the rainy season,” he said.

Yadav came to the distribution to receive food. A farmer, Yadav lived with his wife, grandson, and daughter-in-law. His son works overseas to send money back to support the family. When the rains hit, water began flowing down their road.

Farmer in Nepal

“My house fell down in the twinkle of an eye” Yadav shared. “When I opened my eyes, there was big landslide. I could not find my family. I have been searching till now for my wife, my daughter-in-law, and my lovely grandson. I am living alone now.”

Yadav’s family members were not the only lives lost; in total, this set of slides caused one ten fatalities in the area. Along with his deep grief, Yadav had to face rebuilding and recovering financially and physically.

"We were in trouble. Every household were in financial crisis,” he pointed out. “I thank all the people who initiate for the relief distribution to us. All the beneficiary families are happy, receiving the necessary things."

One elected official expressed his thanks for this compassionate outreach.

"I am impressed by this kind of work initiated by NCM Nepal,” he stated. “As an elected representative of this community, I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of my people of Mehele. You came to this place right after the disaster as a medicine for fresh wounds in our community and life."

While recovering from this crisis will take years, the immediate care provided essential items to a village that otherwise was without help. Looking ahead, NCM Nepal staff and volunteers are planning how they can assist in the next stage of healing.

“The people lost their loved ones, they lost their parts of their agricultural land, they lost crops, and they also lost their animals,” said Sandeep. “There are high chances that people may be victimized by the trauma. They may be in need of counseling. Now they have received some basic items just for a short time. If NCM helps them long term in recovery of living, and bringing them back to their previous situation, it will be a great blessing for the affected people.”


Provided by NCM Nepal