So, You Want to Know About Global Migration: Part One

October 14, 2021

Anwara*, age 13, is one of the millions of people who have been displaced in recent years.

Finding Joy In and Out of Lockdown: Child Development programs in Nepal

September 29, 2021

Being a teenager anywhere in the world can be a challenge.

Immigrants, Refugees, or Angels

September 22, 2021
We cannot ignore people whose lives are in transition due to circumstances beyond their control. What would Jesus do?

Preparing for the Predictable: Nazarene Disaster Response Teams Serve During U.S. Disasters

September 15, 2021
Note: Since this article was published in NCM Magazine, Hurricane Ida has caused major damage in the Gulf Coast and the U.S. Northeast.

Haiti Earthquake Recovery: The Start of a Long-Term Response

September 1, 2021
Recovering from the damage caused by the August 14 earthquake that hit the southern coast of Haiti will take many years. The quake has directly impacted an estimated 800,000 people, including 5,000… Read More

A Guide to Pray for Afghanistan

August 17, 2021
Our hearts ache for

Eight Ways to Work for Freedom

August 12, 2021

Every year in September, the Church of the Nazarene observes Freedom Sunday, a time set aside to raise awareness of the issue of human traffickin

God at Work in Ukraine

August 5, 2021

Even though church services were on lockdown and many Nazarenes struggled with COVID-19, God has been at work in new ways during this difficult time.