Living Water in Malawi

November 4, 2022
In Salima, Malawi, where Angela and her son live, there was no easily accessible clean water source.

Shechem Children's Home: Recovering Together

November 1, 2022
“At first, I thought I was fine as long as I earn. However, I realized that ... life is more valuable than money because we are God’s creation."

Love Your Neighbor: Cleanup Continues In Kentucky

October 27, 2022
As with most disasters, while initial relief supplies are needed and vital to survival, the work to rebuild and restore what was damaged goes on for weeks, months, and even years after the event.

Reflections: The Border After Violence

October 13, 2022
The bombings today are triggers for many who lived through the invasion on February 24. This is significant trauma.

Go Deeper: Resource Recommendations from NCM

September 29, 2022
These resources have been shared in recent issues of NCM Magazine. From podcasts to group studies, we hope they help fuel new conversations, learning, and engagement with important issues. 

Save the Date for the NCM 2022 Christmas Project

September 22, 2022
Thank you for setting aside time to promote the 2022 NCM Christmas Project!

Growing Bananas, Lifting Burdens

September 15, 2022
From initial concept to now changing the lives of 600 people, this banana-growing effort is breaking the cycle of poverty and providing new options for income generation for farmers, while… Read More

Freedom Sunday: Make a Difference for Survivors of Trafficking

September 8, 2022
This year, we invite your congregation to support anti-trafficking ministries and take a stand against human trafficking by observing Freedom Sunday.

Worship on the Move

August 25, 2022
Though the biblical narrative often depicts the community of God as a people on the move, believers living within the reality of displacement face challenges as worshipers when forced to leave their… Read More

Ukraine Churches Support Families Amid Food Crisis

August 17, 2022
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries has partnered with four Nazarene churches in Ukraine to collect goods, assemble them, and distribute food packages that will feed 1,000 families each month for the… Read More